Portable Version of Archetypes' ReferenceEngine

Archetypes has a pretty good system for creating references between objects. I don't see, on a first glance through the code, why it couldn't be split out into a separate Zope product. It'd have quite a few dependencies, of course, including CMFCore, making it not the most plug-and-play package ever, but it'd be handy for Zenoss's purposes. Right now we're using our own relationships package, called ZenRelations, which works pretty well at the moment, but is slightly unwieldy and more than a little shaky. We're always a little afraid to mess with it; in fact, it's the primary reason we haven't moved to a more recent version of Zope. This could free us from the shackles of 2.8.

Anyway, I plan to mess with that this weekend.


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