simplexmlapi 0.1 Released

I was writing some Python tools for svn access, and found myself needing to parse the XML that svn log and svn info return. Python's XML libraries are pretty annoying to use, to say the least. I wrote up a quick way to walk an XML document using dotted name syntax, and it seemed like it could be generally useful, so I cleaned it up, documented it, and packaged it up for release.

Besides using dotted-name syntax to walk an XML document, simplexmlapi can map attributes to dotted names, which will let you make an easy API for known XML structures. For instance, you can map the svninfo.repository.url dotted name to the repourl attribute. Thus, one can simply:

>>> d = simplexmlapi.loads(
... '<xml><doc><item>somevalue</item></doc></xml>',
... map=dict(val="doc.item"))
>>> d.val

The project is hosted at It's also available from the Cheese Shop and via easy_install simplexmlapi. API docs are hosted at


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