cliutils 0.1 released: Helpful utilities for Python shell scripts

Last weekend I had the idea to make a decorator that parsed sys.argv and passed the results as args to functions referenced by setuptools-created shell scripts. That turned out to be trivially easy. For some reason, I ended up writing a logging decorator, that redirects stdout to a given file-like object, and a much more ambitious Process object, which wraps subprocess.Popen objects and allows them to be piped into each other like in bash:

>>> p = Process("echo 'blah blah blah'") | Process("wc -w")
>>> print p.stdout

I packaged these up into an egg and released it in the Cheese Shop, so you can get it with:

$ easy_install cliutils

Code hosted at Google Code. And here are the API docs.

I'll be adding to this package as I come up with other tidbits that make shell scripts easier to write. After work today, provided I finish the project I'm working on, I plan to write a tutorial on packaging up one's own shell scripts in eggs for easier deployment and PYTHONPATH mungery. Setuptools really does make it incredibly easy.


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